Taxes and Fees


Unless otherwise stated in the Rate Product, taxes, surcharges (including without limitation vehicle licensing and similar fees and concession fees, consolidated facility charges and airport access fees), Intercity Fees, toll pass, refueling, oneway, Young Driver, and additional authorized driver fees and any fees or charges for optional products or services are not included in the rates paid by Renter to Provider. Such amounts are the responsibility of Renter and shall be charged to Renter and paid by Renter upon return of the Vehicle.

Legislation, regulation or the cost of fuel may affect Provider’s pricing or procedures. On all inclusive Rate Products only, Provider reserves the right, without notice to (i) charge Renter at the time of rental or thereafter, for the amount of any additional or increased surcharges, fees, taxes or increased fuel costs incurred subsequent to entering into the Agreement with Customer or (ii) increase Customer’s Rate by an amount equivalent to the additional or increased tax, surcharge or fuel cost subsequent to entering into the Tour Agreement.